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Glenn Wood

Plainfield, IL Assistant Superintendent


A little bit about Glenn Wood.

Glenn Wood, of Plainfield, Illinois, is an Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Plainfield School District 202. He has dedicated his career to fostering an environment where students and community members are involved and improve education for all students.

Glenn Wood is has been working in education for the entirety of his career. Glenn has continued his own learning over the years as well. He first attended St. Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education in 1991. He then went on to attend the University of Southern Mississippi to complete his Master of Science in Human Performance. Within two years, Glenn Wood completed his Master of Education in Educational Administration at Benedictine University in Ilinois in 2001. Glenn then spent some time dedicated to working until he decided to attend university again. He received his Doctor of Education in Educational Administration and Foundations at Illinois State University in 2016. The title of his dissertation is Illinois Stakeholders’ Perceptions about Advanced Placement and Dual Credit Courses.

K-12 Experience

While continuing his education, Glenn Wood began working as a Mathematics Teacher in 1992. He taught students from grades nine through twelve numerous math courses, including Honors Algebra and Geometry. Glenn was also responsible for beginning the Advanced Placement Calculus AB course at the school.

After working as a math teacher for nine years, Glenn Wood took on an administrative role and became the Division Chair of a High School. He was responsible for staff members as well as improving the performance of students. Glenn had led his department which successfully added three dual credit courses, two Advanced Placement Courses and created the school’s first ACT improvement committee.

In 2003, Glenn Wood became the Associate Principal of Carl Sandburg High School in Illinois. He provided the leadership and supervision of staff development, instructional leadership, and data analysis for all departments. After three years as the Associate Principal, Glenn took on the role of Principal at Victor J. Andrew High School, which is in the same Illinois school district as his previous positions. As the Principal, Glenn was responsible for 2,500 students and 250 faculty and staff members. His work helped to improve the number of students enrolled in honors and AP classes and increased the student’s scores on the exams.

Three years after working as the Principal of a high school, Glenn Wood took on the role of Department of Curriculum and Instruction for grades six through twelve at the Plainfield School District 202 in Illinois. His role included executing principal evaluations, development, and implementation of high school improvement plans, and assisting the development of budgetary allocations to high schools. Glenn’s work helped to achieve the highest graduation rate, ACT scores, AP scores, and the highest number of National Merit students in the district’s history.

Currently Glenn Wood is the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Plainfield School District which is made up of 27,000 students. Glenn supervises the operations and staff of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. Some of Glenn’s achievements in this role are the implementation of full-day kindergarten, changing the middle school schedule, create a standards-based report card for K-5, and creating a technology integration plan. Glenn has also achieved the highest graduation rate, SAT scores, AP scores, PARCC Scores, and multiple other indicators of student achievement in the history of the district.

More on Glenn

University Experience

In 2004, Glenn Wood expanded his teaching experience into higher education. He became an Adjunct Professor at Benedictine University. He worked within the College of Education and Health Services. For four years Glenn taught multiple graduate-level courses such as School and Community Relations, School Improvement, and Curriculum and Instruction. Glenn enjoyed being a professor, and in 2009 he took on the role of Adjunct Professor at Lewis University which is located in Romeoville, Illinois. There he also taught graduate level courses for different aspects of education. Some of his courses included Foundations of Education, Principalship seminar & Internship, and Communicating and Leading.

Other Experience

Glenn Wood has recently begun working in a role that is not teaching based. He is an Associate at Hazard Young, Attea & Associates, which is an education consulting firm located in Illinois that helps education leaders employ school executives, address any student performance issues, and support school district operations. Glenn specifically assists with Executive Search, Strategic Planning, Leadership Coaching, Community Relations, and Curriculum and Instruction.


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