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LinkedIn is a social media platform meant for professionals. When it comes to B2B marketing or marketing done for businesses, LinkedIn is the best social media platform out there. The reason for this is that other social media platforms mostly have individuals with personal accounts, while LinkedIn can reach out to businesspersons across the world from different business sectors. 

LinkedIn has more than half a billion members. 61 million of these members are senior-level professionals who are influencers who can influence business decisions. 

B2B marketers can effectively leverage the power of LinkedIn by following certain best practices:

1. The first thing is to have a professional company page on LinkedIn that provides information about the company and its products/services.

2. Since this is not a conventional social media site, marketing team members need to be trained on how to use LinkedIn to connect to others.

3. The key strategy is to identify influencers and connect with them. 

4. Content is king! This is true especially in social media and more so for a site like LinkedIn. Content that is well-designed, informative, and professionally presented can help in reaching out to influencers and giving them information about a business. 

5. The content needs to focus on the concept being addressed, the industry sector, and then about the company and its offerings. It is important that the content is informative and of value to readers. Valuable content would show up on search engines and attract people to the marketer’s brand.

6. Content marketing on LinkedIn requires delivering regular content so that those searching for information can find it easily. 

7. Apart from the company’s presence, employees also need to be active and engage with others on LinkedIn. 

8. Ad campaigns and sponsored campaigns can be used effectively to reach out to LinkedIn users. The message should have a strong call to action and redirect visitors to the company’s landing page.

Following these best practices can ensure B2B marketing success on LinkedIn.