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What is user experience data?

Data refers to numbers and facts that are usually collected from operational processes. This is known as operational data, which can tell a company what has happened without creating awareness about why something has happened. For this, experience data is needed. Experience data refers to the data that explains the thoughts and emotions of people. This is also known as X-data and helps organizations in understanding the experience of customers and users.

Maximizing user experience data

Companies that are planning to start using experience data need to consider how this data is collected and used. The following are things that companies need to do to maximize user experience data:

Customer surveys

One of the most popular ways of collecting experience data is through customer surveys. The design and implementation of a survey is a key issue. Poorly-designed surveys with a bad user interface will not provide the required information. Surveys must be crisp, clear, and engaging so that users would respond to them and the right data can be collected.

Use different channels

Traditionally, customer communication has commonly taken place through emails and phone calls. The problem here is that many customers do not use emails frequently. Calling customers on the phone is considered intrusive. Therefore, it is necessary to look at other channels like text messages, social media, and online chats to engage with customers. 

Engage on a continual basis

Engaging with customers once a year to get survey data will not help in getting a clear picture. Customer engagement must happen continually and regularly. Regular interaction with customers helps in obtaining a firm grasp of what they feel and think. Experience data can thus be collected regularly, which in turn assists with the effective analysis of this data.

User experience data can be very helpful for companies. Getting the right data is crucial to help companies understand why things are happening. Companies also need to focus on engaging with customers to obtain such critical information.