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The Interview

The interview is a crucial stage during the selection of employees in an organization. This is the stage where shortlisted candidates are called by the organization to decide who they will ultimately be hiring.

During an interview, the interviewer (usually a member of management) interacts with the candidate to understand whether he or she is suited for the job. To do this, various questions are asked. The answers to those questions help the interviewer understand more about the candidate and evaluate his or her abilities.

The Best Question an Interview Can Ask

There are many good questions that one can ask in an interview to evaluate a candidate. But if there was just one question to be asked in an interview, what would it be? In an interview, Suzy Welch, wife of the legendary Jack Welch, explained that there is one question that is best to ask to get to know candidates. According to Suzy, the best question to ask is – “What did you do to prepare for this interview?”

This question helps interviewers perfectly assess candidates. The answer to this question reveals how the candidate approached the interview and to understand how the candidate would tackle his/her work. It also shows the kind of enthusiasm and energy the candidate puts in, as well as his or her confidence.

For instance, one candidate could say, “I visited your website to learn about your company and its products and services.” 

Another candidate could say, “I read a book on how to prepare for interviews.”

Another might answer, “Oh, I am well-experienced in preparing for interviews.”

Which candidate would impress the interviewer? Obviously, the first one who approached the interview in a systematic way and shows a particular interest in your organization. The second one didn’t put in the extra effort. The third candidate may be overconfident or worse, lazy. 

This one simple question, therefore, reveals a lot about candidates and can help interviewers to make easier decisions about who to hire.