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Searching for jobs is what most people do after completing their education. While earlier jobs would be searched through newspaper ads and with the help of placement agencies, job searches today are mostly done online. The growth of technology has made an impact on the process of searching for vacancies and is changing the way people seek employment.

The future of the job search is obviously going to be affected by technology. The following are some of the trends that would impact its future:

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI is being used to recruit in the domain of shortlisting candidates. Machine learning ensures that AI-based software can search for candidates and shortlist them based on the needs of the company. Routine tasks in the recruitment process can be automated to make work easy for HR staff.

  1. Focused approach to job search

Candidates are now more focused, planned, and systematic while searching for positions.  They are now approaching their job searches like shopping online. For example, when someone wants to buy a product online, they search multiple sites and read reviews. The same approach is being used for job searching. Candidates evaluate different companies, go through reviews by past employees, and then decide on whether to join the organization. 

  1. Online branding will be a differentiator

Since the future is online, most activities will happen on the virtual platform. Employers search for candidates online and find out more about them through social media and other sites. In the future, a candidate must ensure that he/she establishes online branding. This will ensure that potential employers see the positive aspects of the candidate. This is similar to how companies establish their brand online and showcase their best to potential customers.

The future of job search lies online and through technology. Employers and candidates need to gear up to be able to handle the job search process virtually.